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What is driving Automobile Resale Market

What is driving Automobile Resale Market?

A lot of us might remember the early days of the mobile telephony boom in India. During this time, the industry saw a spate of value-added services (VAS) such as ringtones, special SMS services, caller-back tunes and more, many of which persist to this day. These services, ranging from functional


2020 – The Year of Reinvention and Reimagination

Starting 2020 with High Hopes & Positive Outlook The 21North family began 2020 with a lot of excitement as 5 new cities were about to go operationally live in India & we had a pragmatic expansion plan in South East Asia! We were going to become 5 years young and

What is influencing the vehicle purchase decision for this generation

What is influencing the vehicle purchase decision for this generation?

With the current level of technology penetration, the current and upcoming generation of vehicle buyers not only prefer but expect ‘invisible’ after-sales service. A 2018 global Accenture study showed that the younger you are, the more inclined you will be to outsourcing routine services like buying groceries, delivering a package

Using technology to improve customer satisfaction

Using Technology To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Meet Mayank – A Digital Native Mayank works in a senior product role in an Indian startup based in Bangalore. Like much of his peer group, he is now used to running a majority of his life digitally. This includes ordering food, groceries and even pet supplies, now that his