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Future Technologies for Enabling Digitalised and Contactless Automotive Aftersales Services

COVID19 calls for recourse to digitalisation

The COVID19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have made some dents in the development of the Indian automotive industry. But apart from the setbacks, the pandemic has brought to the fore a quick reception of digitisation in the automotive industry, focussing on the importance of digitalised and contactless services.

With COVID-19 setting off an 80-100 per cent drop in physical visits to showrooms according to Frost & Sullivan in ‘Changing Retail Strategy & Consumer Connect – Auto Industry Road Map’ and contactless exchanges expected by clients, digitisation has now become key to survival. It is winning car retail and after-deals and empowering more significant client commitment.

What are the upcoming technologies & why digitalisation is the way to go

A more consumer-centric approach has been adopted by major automotive dealers. Collection of consumer data and storing it indefinitely for smoother consumer interaction at both local and global scale is becoming the norm.

Many automotive giants have started following the agile methodology in the implementation of new innovative technologies. To optimize parts of vehicles with the most advanced features, OEMs have started using big data analytics platform. IoT based artificial intelligence, fleet management, autonomous and semi-autonomous cars are the future.

Many major companies have started adopting a model of partnership with smaller startups for finding solutions to unique auto problems. Such an innovative outlook will help enhance the user experience. A technology-led evolution helps pioneer a smoother, end-to-end digitalisation of sales that aligns with dealer partners.

Also, OEMs are progressively going to incorporate lower operational expenses and the capacity to utilize a scope of advancements like AR/VR, AI-fueled frameworks, and voice acknowledgement to provide clients with an intelligent 360-degree experience.

Driving digitalisation for clients at 21North

At 21 North Europ Assistance, digitalisation has been the focus of all our operations. We envisage a strong requirement for the contactless pick-up and drop-off services, home conveyance and test drive at home to keep your service centre’s or workshop’s activities running efficiently and accomplish financial profitability. It remains our most prominent responsibility to follow security guidelines to limit the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 infection. Innovation-driven change has been a key pillar of our methodology. We spearheaded this idea with consistent, start to finish digitalisation of our business procedure aligned with OEMs and aftersales associates. Even before the onset of the COVID situation, we have worked together with aftermarket players to give end-to-end digitalised and contactless services.

Here are a few highlights of our digitalisation and contactless initiatives:

  • Digital Inventory Sheets: No physical inventory sheets are now shared with the customers. Digital inventory orders continue to be sent to the customer’s phone directly. All service centres are therefore required to ensure that the correct estimates and final invoices are submitted into 21North’s portal.
  • Digital Invoicing and Payments: No physical invoices or receipts are collected from or delivered to the customer. All payment methods have shifted to contactless digital modes only.
  • Digital authorisation without exchange of devices: Instead of digital signature being taken by ambassadors on their phones, a link is sent directly to the customer’s phone to access the customer web application, through which the digital signatures can be provided directly via customer’s mobile phones.
  • OTP Authentication for vehicle delivery: OTP authentication for clients has been implemented to ensure the correct vehicle is being delivered to the right person. At the end of vehicle delivery, customer feedback is collected orally by the ambassador.
  • Daily digital notifications for Ambassadors: In-application warning to all drivers to check internal heat levels and report back through the application.
  • Regular Hygiene Checks: We follow regular temperature checks, field reviews, sterilization of covers, gloves, seat covers and rigorous cleanliness rules.
  • Better customer insights: Our analytics tools provide in-depth customer and market data when customer interactions are at an all-time low.

With highly specialized services, 21 North Europ Assistance is fully-equipped to provide end-to-end services for OEMs and consumers for the current digital age. We also believe that with innovative digitalisation approach, the automobile aftermarket players can take this period as an opportunity to stay relevant for their customers and reap profits.

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