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The Millennial Hunt For Quality & Convenience

The pandemic has altered the global mindset that earlier relied on using public transport for routine travel. According to a study conducted by American Public Transportation Association (APTA) before the pandemic found that millennials are multi-modal based on the trip they are planning to take.

Shifting Gears in Challenging Times

Last year we optimistically anticipated that the pandemic and its after-effects would last for a couple of months. What we hoped would be a brief lockdown turned out to be one of the most drastic economic altering events. Major superpowers around the globe struggled in

Is The Vehicle Aftermarket Prepared For Electric Vehicles

Is The Vehicle Aftermarket Prepared For Electric Vehicles?

In 2010, only 17000 electric cars were sold globally. By 2019, this number had soared to 7.2 million. Evidently, electric vehicles (EVs) are expanding significantly, more recently with a 40% year-on-year increase for electric cars in 2019. China, Europe, and US are the largest consumers